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Teeth grinding at night, also known as bruxism, is a common problem that affects many people. While the most prominent sign of damage is the deterioration of the enamel of the teeth, nocturnal bruxism can also lead to headaches, tooth pain, or inflammation, as well as discomfort in your jaw and neck. To guard your mouth against the effects of bruxism, our dental team offers customized night guards that can defend your teeth while you sleep. Custom night guards are made with high-quality materials that fit comfortably in your mouth and improve the nature of your sleep by diminishing jaw clenching and teeth grinding. If you are interested in learning more about custom night guards at Kissable Dental, set up an appointment at our Dallas, TX dental practice.

After our dental experts diagnose your bruxism, we will obtain oral impressions and digital oral x-rays so your custom night guard can be created. Kissable Dental will send your specifications to a dental laboratory where your specialized night guard will be crafted from the best materials. When your night guard is returned to our office, you will come in to have it fitted. Our dental team may make small adjustments so your night guard fits properly and comfortably. We will also give you instructions on how to care for your night guard so it will last many years.

I was hesitant about going to see Dr. Santilli because she was clearly young and this was a brand new practice. I chose her office because I was looking for someone who had state of the art technology and believe strongly in supporting local businesses. Dr. Santilli and her staff have proven to be excellent technicians in the dentistry field as well as top a notch business provider. Dr. Santilli is the first dentist in 20 years to offer me a SOLUTION to my long term TMJ - not just a huge night guard. The excessive grinding of my teeth over the years has created sensitive areas, cracked teeth, ground the enamel almost down to the dentin on my front and back teeth, and cracked fillings. I knew when I went to see her that I had several small cavities and had resigned myself to sweet, hot, and cold sensitivities. She photographs everything she sees and any areas before and after she does work so you can see exactly what has been done (and justify it to your insurance company). All of the areas that had sensitivities that she has worked on are no longer having issues because she took the time to examine how the teeth are striking each other and patch the areas along the gum that were exposed. She and her team have filled some small new cavities, but also had to drill out old fillings due to cracking and decay under them. They removed a silver filling which included covering everything (and everyone) in sterile surgical gear and a huge evacuation system to ensure none of us were inhaling the toxic heavy metal. She suggested a long term solution for the grinding which included fixing up my smile (something I have become quite self conscious about) without $8,000 of cosmetic surgery (yes, that has been recommended to me). She has implemented a temporary fix while we work towards that long term goal - at no extra charge! My smile is amazing thanks to her and her skills! Everything she does, she tries to do within the guidelines of my insurance to minimize the out of pocket cost, however, I KNOW she and her staff go far above and beyond the minimal care... I wish I could elaborate on all of the work she has done but the list is long. Key point is that she and her staff do not cut corners, always treat you like a friend when you come in and care extensively about your comfort while you are under going treatment in their office. Did I mention the hydro massage table, massage dental chairs, and TV's on the ceiling to watch while you are being treated?

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Teeth grinding can cause discomfort and pain in a variety of ways. Night guards are a great option to diminish stress caused by the unpleasant symptoms of nocturnal bruxism and jaw clenching. Customized night guards from Kissable Dental may also improve your overall oral health and prevent future issues. If this sounds like a solution to your worries or you would like to learn more, contact our team in Dallas, TX to book a consultation with our dental professionals.

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