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What Is An Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera provides a broader and more detailed dental evaluation. By using one of these pen-like tools, our dental experts may have a better, high-resolution view of your teeth and gums. An intraoral camera is able to capture all angles of your mouth and takes a live video that can be displayed on an attached monitor. It can also provide a more accurate diagnosis and help you to fully understand your condition. The intraoral camera system can also be used during a procedure to give our dentists a better visual. During your consultation at Kissable Dental in Dallas, TX, we will show you the benefits of intraoral cameras to attain a more precise dental exam and treatment.

What to Expect from An Intraoral Camera

With a shape and size similar to a pen, an intraoral camera is a flexible instrument that transmits live video from inside your mouth to a digital monitor. We will glide the camera over your teeth and gums while viewing the images on the screen. Our dental team will also be able to capture images that will be used in a more intensive analysis. By allowing you and the dentist to view the images on a monitor, a more informed decision and treatment plan can be created. This can ultimately help you to have a better understanding of your dental health.

Better Precision

Employing an intraoral camera during your dental examination or treatment can provide better precision. At Kissable Dental, we are proud to offer this state-of-the-art technology to better serve our patients. To learn more, contact our practice in Dallas, TX and schedule an appointment soon.

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