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What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Patients of all ages may experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. Our dental professionals understand these concerns and strive to help each person feel calm while receiving treatment at our practice. Along with using a careful approach to dental care, we proudly provide nitrous oxide gas, oral-conscious sedation, and intravenous sedation dentistry solutions. These sedative options can often help increase a person’s comfort, diminish stress, and encourage positive oral care experiences for Dallas, TX individuals. If you feel overcome with fear during dental procedures, we encourage you to meet with our practitioners at Kissable Dental to discover how sedation dentistry can help you receive the care you need when it comes to your comfort.

What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry produces key perks that may considerably improve the overall dental care experience for adults and children in Dallas, TX at Kissable Dental, including:

  • Limiting dental apprehension
  • Enabling multiple procedures in one visit
  • Lessening the discomfort of dental treatments
  • Diminishing gag reflex throughout the appointment
  • Optimizing patient cooperation and movement control
  • Providing a sense of time moving fast
  • Diminishing memory of the visit for patients who have dental trauma
  • Facilitating treatment for individuals with special needs
  • Encouraging more frequent dentist appointments for preventive treatment

How Does Sedation Work?

The methodology for sedation dentistry at Kissable Dental will vary, depending on your level of anxiety, the procedure itself, and the type of sedation that is selected. Nitrous oxide sedation, often called laughing gas, generates mild, calming effects. It is administered via a small nasal covering and allows you to feel more at ease throughout your treatment. For oral-conscious sedative drugs, you will consume a pill orally one hour before your dental procedure, which helps you achieve a moderate level of relaxation. IV sedation is provided through the veins and enables a deeper degree of relaxation. While IV sedation allows you to remain conscious, you will likely feel as though you have snoozed while undergoing your procedure. Localized anesthesia is administered into the treatment area to numb the teeth, gums, and nerve tissues and may be combined with other sedation methods.

Overcome Dental Fear and Anxiety

Every individual should have the option to experience dental health benefits without oral phobias or anxieties getting in the way. Our dental practitioners are proud to offer a few different types of sedation dentistry so you can have a more pleasant visit to the dentist, whether you come to Kissable Dental for dental cleanings, restorative services, or advanced forms of care. To find out more details on how oral treatments can become a pleasant and stress-free experience, reach out to our Dallas, TX practice to schedule a sedation dentistry consultation.

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