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What Is A Root Canal?

Cracked or deteriorating teeth are frequently treated with a tooth-colored filling or another form of restoration if they are detected and dealt with in the early stages. But when the damage extends to the center of the tooth, also referred to as the pulp, root canal therapy will likely restore dental health and save the tooth from extraction. A root canal is a specialized procedure performed at Kissable Dental to remove infected inner tooth tissue and restructure the damaged tooth to improve oral function. Our knowledgeable and experienced dentists treat infected or structurally damaged teeth utilizing delicate root canal therapy and provide sedation solutions to further enhance patient relaxation. If you find yourself with a significantly painful or abscessed tooth, get in touch with our Dallas, TX practice today to hear about the health benefits of specialized root canal therapy.

What to Expect During A Root Canal

Innovative approaches help ensure a patient’s comfort during a root canal procedure. At Kissable Dental, root canals are conducted under local anesthesia, which may be combined with sedation services to allow for enhanced comfort. Once the tooth has lost feeling, a rubber dam will be placed to safeguard the patient’s teeth and gums, and the infected area will then be exposed through a little opening created in the top of the tooth. The pulp, which contains the nerve center and blood supply inside the tooth, will be removed, and the inner canal will be reshaped with special instruments before being carefully sanitized. Our dentists will then seal the restored tooth with a medical-grade material and finish it with an anesthetic filling to encourage the healing process.

Save Your Tooth and Smile

Damaged and infected teeth can lead to a host of oral and overall health issues when ignored or left untreated. But thanks to advances in modern dentistry, a root canal from Kissable Dental may be an effective solution to save your tooth, and, ultimately your smile. Reach out to our office in Dallas, TX to schedule an evaluation with our expert team and hear more about our methods for root canal treatment.

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