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What Is A Deep Cleaning?

If you've developed signs of periodontal (gum) disease, a regular cleaning may not be adequate. The first stage of periodontal disease, gingivitis, is usually corrected with a deep cleaning, also called scaling and root planing (SRP). This is a nonsurgical procedure done by our dental professionals to help eliminate gum disease by removing built-up tartar and plaque below the gumline. With specific instruments, a deep cleaning treatment cleans out the gum pockets, then smooths the surface of your teeth to avoid further buildup. If you're worried about your gums, find out more about our deep cleaning treatment at Kissable Dental in Dallas, TX.

What to Expect During A Deep Cleaning

SRP is a deep cleaning that may be performed in our office using local anesthesia on the areas of your mouth being addressed. We might also suggest sedation methods if you are feeling anxious about the deep cleaning treatment. Our dental experts at Kissable Dental will utilize a scaling tool to clean the tartar and plaque below the gumline. We will subsequently plane or smooth the exterior of the enamel to decrease the number of regions where tartar and plaque may get caught to avoid future problems.

I had a great experience. The staff is friendly and professional. It had been a while since I had had dental care because I have health concerns that kept me home longer than most during COVID. I left my previous dentist because they dropped all masking. I was relieved to find everyone working close to my face is masked here. My deep cleaning was very well done with no out of pocket costs. I’m discerning and Dr. Santilli did excellent work and took the time to explain everything.

P.S. Yelp

Very clean and professional place. I went in for deep cleaning and the experience was great and dentist was professional. The only problem I do have with this place is price... it’s cost 375 for a regular teeth cleaning not deep cleaning just regular but other than that it’s a great place.

G.J. Yelp

I have always been reluctant to go to the Dentist as it is painful and they always try to upsell, however, my experience at Kissable Dental was just great. Deep cleaning was almost pain-free. Great service and everyone were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this dental clinic to everyone.

J.R. Google

This is an excellent dentist with equally excellent staff. I got a deep cleaning and fill for worn and chipped teeth. I had asked my previous dentist about the worn and chipped teeth and had been dismissed as if nothing could be done. I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Santilli immediately repaired the damage and talked to me about long term treatment options. This will be my long time dentist.

P.S. Google

My first visit to Kissable dental was amazing. Everyone from staff to doctors are great and very friendly. My deep cleaning went smoothly and I was explained everything in detail.I’m happy to have finally found my dentist and I would highly recommended this place to anyone looking for a high quality dental care.

R.S. Google


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Proactive Dental Care

Gum disease may become dangerous and painful for your health so if you're having symptoms, please schedule an appointment with our expert team in Dallas, TX. The first stage of periodontal disease, gingivitis, is usually corrected using a very simple deep cleaning process at Kissable Dental. Reach out to us to make an appointment or to receive more details about this proactive dental care procedure.

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