Tooth-Colored Fillings (Composite Fillings for Dental Cavities) in Dallas, TX

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What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Dental cavities are a common problem that develops when bacteria erode your enamel. In the past, cavities were filled with an amalgam material, a mixture of different metals, such as silver or mercury. We now know that amalgam fillings do not adhere fully to the enamel, and mercury can be dangerous to your overall health. At Kissable Dental in Dallas, TX, our dentists use tooth-colored fillings made with composite resin to fill cavities and protect the tooth. We can also replace old metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings for a more reliable and better-looking treatment of cavities.

What Are the Benefits?

Traditional fillings may not be the best choice for everyone. However, tooth-colored fillings are a great option for Dallas, TX patients, including benefits such as:

  • Trusted and efficient treatment option
  • Camoflaugue into your natural tooth color
  • Gives you a healthier smile
  • Protects healthy tissues from progressing disease

Am I A Good Candidate for Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Composite resin tooth-colored fillings typically cover the decay in the enamel after it is cleaned by Dr. Composite resin is a useful material that can be used to correct other concerns with your teeth, including cracks or excessive wear on the enamel by bruxism (teeth grinding). Since the composite resin is colored to blend with your teeth, fillings may be used on the back and front teeth for a seamless finish. If you have metal fillings, talk to Dr. about getting them taken out and re-done with tooth-colored fillings.

What to Expect from Tooth-Colored Fillings

Getting a filling with composite resin at Kissable Dental is usually a simple process. The treatment area will be numbed with a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Other forms of sedation may be considered if you have any fears or dental anxieties to help keep you relaxed during the procedure. As soon as you are ready, the decayed enamel can be removed using a special drill that our dentist will select based on where the cavity is located in the tooth and the level of decay. After the enamel is cleared away and the tooth is cleaned, the space will be filled with composite material and hardened. We will polish the filling material so it feels comfortable and matches your natural teeth.

This was by far the best dental experience I’ve had to date & I’ve had several dentists in my almost 68 years. The minute I walked in the door I was met with a smile (no grumpy people here)! They took care of my dental insurance issues, it was a no hassle experience! The dental assistant & dentist were efficient, kind, PAINLESS & explained everything they recommended. I left with tooth colored fillings, something I wanted for a while. I’ve found my new dental team! Check them out, everybody needs a good dentist with a verified pain free experience!

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I had such a great experience at Kissable Dental today! I went in for my cleaning and received a free tooth brush! But the best part about all of this is I had some fillings that I needed to get taken care of and I was able to do that without having to pay out of pocket which really helped with all the covid stuff going on! I also got to see before and after pictures of my teeth being fixed! My assistant Abby was amazing! && Dr. Santilli really cares about her patients if y’all haven’t been you need to go see them!

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I had a great first visit! The cleaning was very through and painless and the office is clean and inviting. I also had some fillings that needed to be done and I was able to get that taken care of at the same time as my cleaning. In order to remain transparent, I would like to mention that they offered to waive my co-insurance in exchange for a review, but I truly did have a great experience!

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I rarely ever write reviews but felt compelled to do so after a wonderful experience at Kissable Dental today! From the moment I walked in I was treated like royalty. The front desk associate was very nice and the office was beautiful and clean. He mentioned that they just recently opened a new Dallas location so everything is brand new. I was seated quickly after completing new patient paperwork and didn’t have to wait long to be seen like I have in other dental offices in the past. They have a lot of cool tech in this office, some of which I’ve never seen before, and trust me, I’ve been to all the “trendy” dental offices in town. This place has a luxurious feel to it and I was loving every minute of it. For example, soft classical music plays in your ears as you stand up for X-rays which was a nice touch. Also, the cleaning was honestly one of the best cleanings I’ve ever had. Very thorough and painless, no water spraying all over my face, etc. My teeth felt noticeably cleaner afterwards. I had a few small fillings that needed some work so the dentist replaced those as well, with no numbing or sedation! Their treatment coordinator wasn’t trying to push unnecessary work and explained all of my treatment clearly with before and after pics to justify all treatment recommendations. My favorite part of the experience was the face massage afterwards! Such a nice service at the end with my jaw being a little sore from keeping my mouth open, my only complaint is that I wish that massage lasted longer! These guys are top notch so I will be referring all my friends and family to this office moving forward.

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The staff is very friendly and will go through all the details with you prior to any procedure. It was my first visit and I got cleaning and fillings done. The doctor was good but I had some unanswered questions. It was my first time getting fillings done and she did great.

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A Seamless, Healthy Smile

Cavities may begin as a small issue, but it is important to have them treated before they develop into a larger problem. At Kissable Dental in Dallas, TX, tooth decay and cavities can be treated with tooth-colored fillings. Our dentist will match the color of your natural teeth so you can have a seamless, healthy smile. If you suspect you or a family member have a cavity, contact our office to schedule a dental exam with our expert team.

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